MRS of the Brain and Neurological Disorders

Akihiro Igata, Tetsuhiko Asakura, Toshro Fujimoto

CRC Press London, New York, 2000, 329p.

The publication of this volume, written by Dr. Toshiro Fujimoto, as the first systematic textbook of MRS in Japan, is truly a timely event and is good news to many Japanese doctors who aspire to learn brain science and MR medicine.

The author, Dr. Fujimoto, specialized in psychiatric medicine after his graduation from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine in 1969 and studied traditional psychiatry with Professor André Buge and pediatric psychiatry with Professor Didier-Jacques Duché at l'Hôpital de la Salpêtrière in Paris. After returning to Japan, he became engaged in clinical practice at Yokakai Fujimoto Hospital, founded by his father, and has put the psychiatry that he learned in France into practice.

Recently, under the guidance of former professor Haruo Akimoto of the University of Tokyo, he has performed MRI and MRS in about 1,200 patients with brain disorders including brain tumors, cerebral infarction, cerebral arteriovenous malformation, Moya Moya disease, and cerebral hemorrhage using Japan's only 2T superconductive MRI system (Siemens-Asahi 2T). Concerned with neurological functional abnormalities, in particular, he has obtained novel findings of profound interest in psychoses such as schizophrenia, depression, epilepsy, dementia, and alcoholisrn, which have rernained largely unexplored by MR imaging.

The 'H and P spectra presented in this volume are all excellent, and they are considered to indicate the potential of MRS and the direction of its future development.

The activities of Dr. Fujimoto in the field of MR medicine are truly impressive. His frequent appearances at academic conférences as well as the publication of a nurnber of papers in Japanese and English, and books that he co-authored have contributed to the present nation-wide renown of Fujimoto Hospital.

Publication of a book, whose contents surpass works of representative universities of this country, by a hospital at the forefront of clinical service is at once a matter of wonder and a splendid achievement that suggests how front-line clinical hospitals can and should operate in the future.

One of the greatest objectives of brain research today is to approach the association between the metabolism of substances in the brain and mental activities, i. e. "science of the brain and problems of the mind." In this sense, this volume, MRS of the Brain and Neurological Disorders, is expected to serve as a bridge that carries us from natural science primarily concerned with substances to human science centered around the mind.

Le Dr Toshiro Fujimoto, du Yokakai Fufimoto Hospital (Sud Japan), Traducteur des ouvrages d'Henri Ey et de RM palem au Japon, nous fait l'honneur de participer avec notre groupe au symposium sur la place d'H. Ey au Japon pour le Congrés Mondial de Psychiatrie de Yokohama aout 2002